Teaching the Wonders of the Nisqually Watershed


Our Nisqually watershed is a very special place, with abundant wildlife, wilderness, and diverse communities. We also have challenges to face. For example, from June 2006-May 2014 the Nisqually Glacier, headwaters of Nisqually River, has shrunk an average of 1 meter every 10 days!  Our threatened Steelhead and Chinook Salmon are counting on that cold, clean clear water. We have lots of important work to do and appreciate your willingness to engage your class in hands-on environmental service-learning.

See the start of the Nisqually River with NatureScene host Jim Welch along with naturalist Rudy Mancke.



Click below to see our newly updated “Where the River Begins” lessons focused on the Nisqually Glacier!

  1. Forward or Reverse
  2. Mapping the Snout



Here is the NREP 2015-16 calendar that lists all our water quality networking and training meetings for the upcoming day. We’ve also listed those same dates on the left of our website, so feel free to click on the most convenient date for the details!

For more information, contact Sheila Wilson, NREP Program Director:

360.438.8715   sheila@nisquallyriver.org