Nisqually Youth Council


Nisqually Youth Council, a newly developing program,  will create an outlet from the schools into careers, volunteerism, and stewardship of the environment and an inlet into the Nisqually Watershed organizations for new vibrant ideas from informed youth.



We are looking to model our newly developing program after the Sustainabilty Ambassadors. Sustainability Ambassadors supports cities in meeting their NPDES Permit obligations for public education and outreach by taking an inter-generational collective impact approach.

Here’s a list of 20 Action Projects that students can do to increase sustainability and improve water quality in their communities.

How can we make student learning relevant,  meaningful and impactful?  Let’s look at real-world STEM issues, like Stormwater Pollution issues and solutions in the Town of Eatonville.

Nisqually Story Map illustrates the connections within our watershed, from businesses to homeowners to natural process.  The Nisqually Tribe has inhabited the Nisqually Valley for thousands of years,  always depending on the salmon populations that call these waters home. History  has shown that this important resource was nearly lost in the recent past and continues to be threatened today. The Washington Stormwater Center works to reduce stormwater runoff and improve water quality.  Their “Eyes on the Watershed,” project increases public awareness of impaired waterbodies listed on the 303(d) list.