Student GREEN Congress Resources

Student GREEN Congress is held every spring in partnership with South Sound GREEN. This is an awesome opportunity for students to present their own scientific data, explore a college campus, and learn from natural resource professionals in the community.


Our 28th Annual Student GREEN Congress is also our first Virtual Student GREEN Congress! This Virtual Student GREEN Congress will take place during the week of March 15th-19th, 2021, and include a digital Story Map and printable journal to analyze water quality data, and a keynote presentation on March 18th featuring Carri LeRoy, ecologist from the Evergreen State College! (You can watch the recorded keynote here.)There are also multiple live and pre-recorded workshops to attend, ranging from dissecting an owl pellet to investigating the medicinal properties of local trees!



In 2020, the Annual Student GREEN Congress was cancelled due to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This was not an easy decision to make, as Student GREEN Congress is a core part of our program and an event that we (and students) look forward to all year. Student GREEN Congress would not be possible without our amazing students, teachers, and volunteers, and we hope to see you at Student GREEN Congress in future years.


Our 27th annual Student GREEN Congress was held March 21st 2019 at The Evergreen State College. 387 students from 28 different schools participated! All students were part of State of the Rivers sessions, where they discussed their water quality data with peers from other schools. We had over 100 volunteers and local natural resource professional help make this a meaningful, fun event for students. Our keynote speaker was Billy B, the Natural Science Song and Dance Man, who uses catchy tunes and fun dances to teach about the natural world.  Read more about

Congress in this blog.



Student GREEN Congress 2018 was Thursday, March 22nd, 2018.  This year’s keynote and closing will feature the work of Killer Whale Tales, a 501 (c) 3 environmental education program that uses storytelling and field based science to inspire students to take an active role in the conservation of Southern Resident Killer Whales and their habitat!  This will be an excellent compliment to your Water Quality Monitoring Field Investigations!  Teachers, click here to access your 2018 Student GREEN Congress materials!



On March 23rd, 2017, the Nisqually River Education Project (NREP) and South Sound GREEN (SSG) hosted the 25th annual Student GREEN Congress at the Evergreen State College! This event is the culmination of two water quality monitoring days where students are able to compare data collected and brainstorm ways to improve their local rivers and streams. Student delegates range from 4th grade through high school and represent schools from the South Sound and Nisqually Watersheds. This year, over 400 students represented their school in a morning “State of the Rivers” session, sharing water quality data and developing action plans to improve water quality in their communities. In the afternoon, they attended educational workshops: salmon carcass dissections, making bird boxes, getting up close with stream bugs, shellfish tasting, Native American storytelling, nature journaling, fly casting, live raptors, and much more. Our 25th Anniversary is a special opportunity to recognize those who work to keep the spirit of environmental stewardship alive and recognize the importance of hands-on, science-based learning. Students were welcomed to the event by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, who prepared a video address, and Maia Bellon, director of the Washington Department of Ecology. The keynote speaker was Gene Tagaban, a member of the Takdeintaan clan, who also known as “One Crazy Raven.” Since its inauguration, Student GREEN Congress has reached thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. From the students who are just learning about their local habitats, to the teachers and volunteers who have participated for decades, Congress is a day of learning, gaining new skills, and adopting conservation plans to better local watersheds and communities.

Watch WA State Governor Jay Inslee’s 2017 address to the GREEN Congress.

Preparing Your Students for Congress

Here are some materials you can use to prepare your students for their Congress presentations. These presentations should be 3-5 minutes long and should cover the information found in the Student Delegate Prep Sheet (see below). They can be very high tech or very low tech- check out the Congress Presentation Ideas page for more info. If you would like assistance in getting your students ready, please just give us a call! We can help!

Presentations ready to go? Follow this link to upload into our shared folder!


Useful documents for the day of Congress

Below you will find additional documents that will be useful on the day of the event:

  • Rivers Session Outline
  • 24th Annual GREEN Congress Agenda
  • Map of The Evergreen State College


Learn more about Congress with this presentation: Student GREEN Congress 2016


Resources from GREEN Congress 2013

Posters from TESC Students in the 2013 “The Nisqually River: From Mountain Goats to Geoducks” Program

Bald Eagles

Water Birds

Common Nisqually Birds

Dissolved Oxygen

Fecal Coliform

Salmon of the Pacific NW

Mammals of Nisqually Watershed


Raptors of Nisqually Watershed


Water Testing- pH and Turbidity

Who’s Living in Your Watershed?