Salmon Carcass Tossing Resources

Salmon Carcass Tossing! Ew, right?! Why on Earth would we do that?! Three words: marine derived nutrients. Let’s break down what that is. First, marine, means “from the sea.” Second, derived, means “comes from.” Lastly, nutrients,  means “the compounds used by life to live and grow!”

Our salmon carcass tossing trip plays an important role in moving those marine derived nutrients to the forest. When hatchery salmon return from the ocean they are harvested for eggs and milt to start a new generation of salmon. It’s our task to take the carcass of the harvested salmon and return it to historic nesting grounds! This transports all those essential nutrients that the salmon absorb while out at sea to the rivers where the next generation grows!

Each winter our team takes classes in the Nisqually Watershed on Salmon Carcass Tossing field trips! Want to arrange a field trip for your class? Contact 

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