Salmon Carcass Tossing Resources

Field Trip Resources: Here’s a link to our Salmon Tossing pre-field trip 2016 Salmon Nutrient Enhancement Presentation and the accompanying worksheet. Last but not least, the link for the Salmon Life Cycle song referred to in the second slide.

Other Salmon Resources: As Long as the River Runs “As Long As The Rivers Run” examines the violence and civil disobedience leading up to the hallmark decision in U.S. v. Washington, with particular reference to the Nisqually Indians of Frank’s Landing in Washington. This is a groundbreaking documentary produced by Carol Burns with Hank Adams originally released in 1971. Use this salmon parts worksheet to accompany a dissection activity. 137 Species Rely on Pacific Salmon– this printable poster from Salmon Nation nicely illustrates the concept of salmon as a keystone species. Salmonids: In Troubled Water Recommended by one of our fabulous teachers, who said ” Students can dissect a salmon, play games, and the best one is they can choose a level (easy, medium, hard) and pretend they are a salmon from the time the egg is laid and try to survive. It’s a hard life! We are all dead salmon here.”

Try this salmon gameTrees to Seas with your students!

Salmon, Water and Forests in the Classroom: Created by Olympia School District, Salmon Water and Forests was our featured curriculum for Summer Teachers Institute 2012. It is a compilation of Salmonids in the Classroom by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail Education Project, Salmon Rescue Curriculum (WDFW), The Salmon Box: An Educational Curriculum about Pacific Salmon,Wenatchee River Salmon Festival Teacher Packet, Forests of Washington: Forest Ecosystems and People and from Project Learning Tree Environmental Education Activity Guide.